Tuesday, October 17, 2000

Song of the Day: "Spaceship" by Angie Aparo from the album 'The American'
Book of the Day: 'The Scarlet Letter' by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

It's been a while since I've written. Everything in my life seems to be pretty good. My relationship with Adam is the best thing that ever happened to me. We saw the Doors movie this weekend. He's seen it a million times, but I hadn't ever seen it. It was the best! Depressing, a little, but the BEST!

I added a poem to my site, but I have to get it copyrighted, now. That's going to take forever. It's Untitled now, but I think I'll call it "Lust", cos that's what it's all about. There's not alot to say, these days.

I really really am serious about learning to play guitar! I'm going to play until my fingers bleed, then I'll suck 'em off and wash 'em and play until they bleed again! I'll play until my strings break! YEAH! adam and I are going to make Hash tea for Halloween I think. We'll make it for my Mum and Dad and sister, and of course, for us. I've only had it once. It was during our finals last year. I brought Hash Tea to school in a water-bottle cos they said we could bring tea, juice or water. It was sooooooooooooooo YUMMY!

Peace*Love (the Doors ROCK)


"...a spaceship landed by the mall. there was a big parade, everybody got laid, and they burned all the books and the chevrolets..."
---"Spaceship" by Angie Aparo

Thursday, October 12, 2000

Some of my poetry::

I belive all of this is on my website, http://labyrinth.corven.com/ {Labyrinth, Forever}

"The Last Night"
For Adam Graden Stewart, I shall love you until death and beyond.

The fire of you beside me,
I only wanted you, I only want you,
For me there is no one else.
An open window blows cool air on your face,
Candlelight making you glow, like the angel that you are.
Music all around us, riveting as you.
I keep this moment inside my spirit.
And you tell me not to speak, I kiss you and you hold my hand.
Your eyes, stone gray, dark as thunderclouds,
Deep as the pools they leave behind.
Tears fall now upon my pillows.
The only time that is real is the time we spend together.
When you were gone, til now, it's as though no time has passed.
We and our love is the same.

"110 Acetaminophen"

"It's not him!" I screamed that lonliest night;
Nothing was good, perfect or right.
All I wanted were your idle hands;
Caress my trembling body, give you a chance.
Lying now; cold, naked, and alone;
This fear is an incredible stone.
A stone only you can lift;
Happiness is...
A warm blanket, but only if it's wrapped around you;
A soft pillow, but only if it's under we two.
A fresh, new day, but only if we share it;
Pure pain?!?! Yes, because we bear it.
Together, we make sure all is perfect, good and right;
Sadness out of sight.
Together, we are stronger than this life;
Together, we can take the blade off my knife...

*~*Samantha Stewart*~*

Song of the Day: "Hemmorhage (In My Hand)" by Fuel from the album 'Something Like Human'
Book of the Day: 'Smack' by Melvin Burgess

What, oh what, to do for prom? I'm going to Adam's prom this year, and I have no earthly idea what to do with my hair. I don't have the dress yet. Duh, I just heard about it yesterday. Anyway, I don't want ANYTHING pouffy. I have no idea! Maybe my mum can help me. I figure I'm just nervous cos I'm a perfectionist.

It was so funny how he asked me. He like, told me about it, and I was all, "So, find out if i can go, and I'll be there." and he was like, "You can go" so I said, "Sooooo, are you going to ask me?"

Adam: "I figured I could just tell you and you'd consider that me asking."
Me: "I was just messing with you. But, I've never really been asked to a dance before. Especially not a prom."
Adam: {funny voice} "Samantha...uh, well, will you go to the prom with me?"
Me: {trying hard not to laugh} "Sure. Why not"

I laughed anyway.


"...Hold me now I feel contagious. Am I the only place, that you've left to go? She cries her life is like, Some movie black and white. And I'm left thinking, over and over and over agian she cries...."
---"Hemmorhage (In My Hand)" by Fuel

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Wednesday, October 11, 2000

I heard about this site, just a while ago. I really like this.

Anyway, I'm doing so much better than I ever did before. I have not cut myself in almost 5 whole months. The last time was May 18, 2000. I'm listening to Angie Aparo's song called "Spaceship". This is the 1 thing I have heard by her. I got it on a CD form elementUSA.com and it's so cool!! These are the lyrics:

Angie Aparo
The American

When you gonna grow up?
Mama always said.
Are you gonna walk around with a silly grin, and a bubble on your head?

A spaceship landed by the Mall.
There was a big parade, everybody got laid
And they burned all the books and the Chevrolets.
And they grow so fast they never grow

**And that's about all I can understand.**

I'll post the rest later. If anyone wants to read the rest of my writing, go to:


click on "A Little On Me" or "My Poems" Tell me what you think.



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